Congratulations to member 20,000.
Although the version for the IOS operating system has not been announced, the number of members registering and conducting mining GIN has increased rapidly and reached 20,000 in just 4 days. The growth was beyond expectations and our engineering team worked very hard to meet this growth of the community.
It is expected that the number of members will soon reach 50,000 in the near future, so we have completed the KYC patch for all members. Version 1.1.3 will be updated soon on Google Play.
After the KYC patch is released, all members can withdraw the GIN to their storage wallets or keep the GIN storage wallet. Note that when withdrawing GIN Token from GIN storage wallet by TRC20, you must have TRX in GIN wallet to do fee, and similar to BEP20 you must have BNB fee.
IOS version is in the waiting process.
The recruiting member limit is being opened by the discussion team, a final decision will be sent when the discussion ends.
The mining speed continues to be reduced as the number of GINs distributed reaches 1 million. You can speed up your mining See here:
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